tissue parent roll

Tissue is made on the paper machine in tissue parent roll (large jumbo roll) which can weigh up to several tons. These are then transformed in the tissue converting process from very large roll (tissue parent roll) into finished products such as rolls of bathroom tissue or kitchen paper towels, as well as folded products like facial tissue, handkerchiefs and napkins. Advanced high-speed machines carry out the complex winding, cutting, slitting, printing and embossing steps while retaining the functional properties such as softness, strength and absorbency. Finally, these products are wrapped and packaged into the format needed for stocking in a supermarket or other distribution center before going to the final consumer. 
Definition of tissue parent roll 
1) tissue parent roll: A roll of tissue web material the outside diameter of which is larger than standard diameter. 
2) tissue parent roll: large roll of tissue paper, wound up on the reel winding station, covering the full width of the tissue paper machine. A parent roll may also be a finished product with a large diameter. 
3) tissue parent roll: The full-width roll of trimmed paper as it comes from the paper machine 
4) tissue parent roll: A large roll of paper that is over 2,5 (3,0) meters in diameter and is to be used in tissue converting operations 

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