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In terms of production, economic results and technology, the Italian paper industry is a winning model on a global scale. Between tissue, packaging and graphic papers, the Italy of paper in 2015 registered an annual turnover of 7 billion Euro (Assocarta figures presented during MIAC in October 2016). The mechanical engineering component connected to the production of machinery must be added to this calculation, too, together with the (manufacturing and services) activities connected to the entire production chain.

The heart of the district of tissue beats in an area of 750 km2 between the provinces of Lucca and Pistoia, where 12 Tuscan municipalities create a dynamic, high quality district of tissue. An excellence acknowledged internationally comprised of 140 active facilities, holding about 80% of domestic tissue paper production, amounting to some 900,000 tons per year, and almost 40% of corrugated cardboard production (1,000,000 tons per year). In addition to these record numbers, this area has always been a forge of technological-production innovations.

As far as financial performance is concerned, the paper, cardboard and mechanical engineering fields represent over 60% of the industrial turnover of the province of Lucca, registering an export figure of 700 million Euro, 80% of which is directed to other European countries. And it is actually the development of the industry abroad that testifies to Italian expertise in terms of efficiency, innovation and flexibility. The Lucca district of tissue also stands out for its centuries-old tradition, the know-how of its skilled workers and its strategic geographical position.

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